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Today’s housing market is as competitive as ever for loan officers. So, how do you gain an advantage in a crowded market? One impactful way is to find a niche! Simply put, finding the right niche can mean the difference between success and failure. Read on to learn how!

Marketing experts have created dozens of analogies to explain the importance of customer retention, but the one we feel is most accurate is this: Building a successful mortgage business with a poor retention program is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole. You can keep the water running, but the bucket will never be full. With this mind, we compiled a list of the retention strategies that will plug the hole in your bucket and ensure it overflows with repeat customers.

Our current rate environment has very likely made you anxious. Before panicking, understand there are steps you can take to ensure your business remains successful. We compiled a few best practices to help you gain an edge in our current rising rate environment.

Even though the current market conditions are a bit alarming, buyers should not be deterred—this is still a great time to purchase a home. To prepare your clients—especially those first-time buyers—for today’s market, we compiled the four Rs of purchasing a home. Share them with your clients as they take those first steps on their buying journeys.

If you have ever stayed at a hotel, you are familiar with the helpful staff members known as concierges. Long a mainstay of the hotel experience, concierges assist guests with restaurant reservations, recommend local activities and attractions, and arrange for transportation. Here at Volly, we like to think the best landing pages are like a top-quality concierge. Read on to discover the guidelines that should be followed to ensure your visitors are given an engaging and educational landing page experience!

The signs are certainly there for a housing crash. Inflation is running high while housing affordability is plummeting. But tell your clients not to worry. We compiled a list of six reasons why a crash is not imminent.

Much like a home, brands—even the strongest and most successful—can fall into disrepair and need a little TLC, whether it is a simple redecorating project, a more involved renovation, or a full teardown. Here are possible signs it may be time to give your brand a facelift.

Plummeting mortgage application volume, stubbornly high interest rates, surging inflation—these trends have grabbed the top headlines on leading industry websites during the first eight months of 2022. Yes, the current housing market is one of the most challenging in recent memory. Which, of course, means that finding and implementing strategies to convert leads into closed loans is more crucial than ever.

How to Succeed in Our Current Rising Rate Environment Surely your customers have seen the panic-inducing headlines: “Up, up, and away! Mortgage interest rates continue to rise!” “Increasing rates take a big bite out of buyers’ wallets!” “Act now before interest rates skyrocket too high!” So what exactly does it mean for today’s borrowers? To properly answer that question, let’s first take a quick refresher course in Federal Reserve policy. Away we go …

As anyone in our industry can attest, connecting with prospects and transforming these leads into customers for life may be the most challenging aspect of a loan officer’s job. In the latest Volly Insights blog post, we examine the five biggest factors that are standing between loan officers and lifelong customers. We also detail how loan officers can build stronger relationships that ensure borrowers work with them again and again.

Mass communication has changed dramatically during the Internet age, but direct mail’s potency has proven to be remarkably enduring. In the latest Volly Insights blog post, we debunk the five common myths associated with direct mail marketing while demonstrating just how appealing and persuasive this form of communication can be.

Video has come to dominate today’s marketing landscape. Still, despite its growing popularity as a content-delivery solution, many video marketers utilizing this medium are not seeing the results they desire. We pulled together a list of helpful video marketing tips. Check it out!

In this period of industry change—as websites, mobile apps, and videoconferencing platforms make transactions faster and more convenient; as the frequency of showings, appraisals, and closings occurring online increases—today’s borrowers have made this clear: They do not want the mortgage and real estate processes to take place entirely online. Stated simply, customers still crave that human touch.

Call it a generational hand-off. In 2014, the National Association of REALTORS® reported that Millennials overtook Generation X as the largest share of homebuyers. And ever since, Millennials have been the dominant buying force in the housing market. In the latest Volly Insights post, we will examine what makes Millennials so unique as well as share creative marketing techniques for better connecting with this influential generation.

The spring 2022 market is not expected to be as hot as last year’s, but competition will remain fierce. With the holiday season now in our rearview mirrors, it is time to prepare. Here is how you can get ready for what is certain to be competitive buying and selling seasons!

The predictions are rolling in for 2022 and a consensus is emerging: A purchase market is coming. This shift means a loan officer’s partnerships with real estate professionals are more important than ever. Here are helpful tips for forging connections and building relationships with these critical business referral partners.

Building industry partnerships, generating and converting leads, maintaining a database of prospects—the marketing tasks never end for the modern-day loan officer. Our list of essential tips will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts in 2021!

A new year means new goals to be achieved and new challenges to be faced. The changing of the calendar is also an ideal time to assess existing marketing plans and make necessary changes. Detailed here are effective marketing strategies for loan officers in today’s ever-competitive housing market. Check them out!

In today’s digital age, more and more companies are embracing marketing automation solutions and tools. But are these tools and solutions delivering results? Are adopters satisfied with their marketing automation platforms? And what do adopters say are the biggest challenges associated with marketing automation? We tracked down the answers to these questions and more.

According to a recent report, the global cloud-based POS market size is expected to reach $9.9 billion by 2027. All this growth means there has been an upsurge in POS providers, especially in our space: the mortgage market. To help you determine the right POS platform for your business, we compiled this helpful list of factors that need to be considered. Check it out!

White Papers

This white paper presents a list of common challenges that mortgage professionals often encounter while trying to achieve operational and managerial efficiency and an answer to these problems.

For today’s borrowers, lenders are no longer simply the mortgage business—they are also in the “journey” business. This white paper details the most common demands among today’s mortgage journey-takers and the innovative approaches being employed to overcome them.


#MIC21, May 4, 2021 – Join Sales Boomerang CEO Alex Kutsishin and Volly CEO Jerry Halbrook on May 4 at 1:00 p.m. ET as they discuss how technology enhancing the customer journey is evolving the mortgage industry. 

July 7, 2021 – Join Jerry Halbrook, Volly; Alex Kutsishin, Sales Boomerang; and Robin Clayton, PRMG; along with moderator, Julian Hebron as they break down the customer journey and reveal what a lender should focus on improving in this purchase driven environment.

July 28, 2021 – The Homeownership Summit, a half-day virtual event, focused on educating consumers on important aspects of searching for and buying a house, as well as tips on how to make decisions around remodeling and refinancing.

Join us on August 24, 1 PM EST for a live discussion on Tools, Tricks & Pointers for VA Borrowers, Presented by our panel of Military and Lending Veterans. Grant Moon, CRO of Volly | Home Captain; Bryan Bergjans, SVP, National Director of Military Lending of Caliber Home Loans and Alex Lange, CEO of Forbes Global Properties.

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