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Volly: Forward Thinking & Moving Forward

Here at Volly, we believe that a brand is a beautiful story well told. And we can’t wait to share ours with you!

Our industry is continually changing. New technologies, new policies, and new market conditions force us to endlessly adapt. But change delivers the opportunity to start exciting, new journeys.

A more precise, recognizable identity

Our brand redesign supports and reflects a new chapter in Volly’s corporate journey. It also injects new energy into our company as well as expands our reach within the mortgage, real estate, and finance industries. Finally, our brand gives us a more precise, recognizable identity, one that demonstrates:

  • Our steadfast dedication to delivering quality products and service, building long-lasting relationships, and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • The innovative spirit that radiates across our company and how it’s at the heart of our continued success.
  • Our collaborative culture, which emphasizes shared goals and mutual support while driving our creative solutions.

We believe our new brand represent the connections between our company and our customers. We also feel that they truly encapsulate the core solutions of the Volly Marketing Automation Suite:

What our new logo means

Volly Logo

We’re thrilled to share our new logo with you. Here’s a few thoughts on what it means to us:

• Bold—while being inviting.
• Confident—while staying authentic.
• Sleek—while conveying simplicity.
• Fun—while remaining professional.

But that’s not all. We feel our logo symbolizes the relationships with our customers (and theirs with us!), our dedication to greater growth and success, and our passion for creativity and teamwork.

The checkmark in Volly’s logo represents a successfully completed goal as well as our dedication to helping our customers meet and exceed their business objectives. (And let’s be honest: It also captures the satisfaction that comes from placing a checkmark next to a finished task on a to-do list!)

The logo’s oblique typeface illustrates our promise to always be forward thinking while moving forward.

The colors blue, teal, and pear in the “O” symbolize the three goals of the Volly Marketing Automation Suite: to capture leads, to convert prospects, and to retain customers. They are also reflective of the passion, commitment, and energy Volly brings to its customer relationships.

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