The Four Rs of Purchasing a Home

Even though the current market conditions are a bit alarming, buyers should not be deterred—this is still a great time to purchase a home. To prepare your clients—especially those first-time buyers—for today’s market, we compiled the four Rs of purchasing a home. Share them with your clients as they take those first steps on their buying journeys.

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Tips for Creating the Most Impactful Landing Pages

If you have ever stayed at a hotel, you are familiar with the helpful staff members known as concierges. Long a mainstay of the hotel experience, concierges assist guests with restaurant reservations, recommend local activities and attractions, and arrange for transportation. Here at Volly, we like to think the best landing pages are like a top-quality concierge. Read on to discover the guidelines that should be followed to ensure your visitors are given an engaging and educational landing page experience!

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