Signs Your Brand May Need a Facelift

When it comes to best describing what a brand truly is, the Internet offers no shortage of similes. Jump onto Google, type in the words “a brand is like,” and one gets the following results, among many others: an elephant, a cargo ship, an iceberg, a cup of coffee, an ecosystem, an apple pie, and a kazoo.

Wait … A brand is like a kazoo?

In the interest of keeping things simple (and staying far away from irritating musical instruments), let’s just say that a brand is like your home. And when you invite guests to your home for the first time, they inevitably notice certain features: colors, lighting, layout, décor, furniture, etc. If they are especially observant, they note the home’s unique forms of self-expression, the items that represent your personal values and beliefs—even how your home communicates who you are, where you have been, and what you do.

A brand does precisely the same. It conveys your identity and creates an impression. And much like your home, you want folks to remember how welcoming and indelible your brand is with the result being (hopefully!) an eagerness on their part to connect with you again and again and again.

But the brand/house parallels do not end there! Like a home, brands—even the strongest and most successful—can fall into disrepair and need a little TLC, whether it is a simple redecorating project, a more involved renovation, or a full teardown. Here are possible signs it may be time to give your brand a facelift.

Your brand is not keeping up

The mortgage market is changing. Housing affordability fell to its lowest level since the Great Recession. Applications to refinance a home loan were down 83% from the same time last year.

Although your business is keeping up with these changes, your brand may not be. If it comes across as dated, potential customers may believe your business is as well. To be viewed as market savvy, a brand facelift may be in order.

You are gearing up for significant growth

You have established bold growth targets for the coming 12 months. You have worked out the next phases of development that will allow you to achieve these targets. You are confident that some real, honest-to-goodness growth is in your future. If this is the case, a brand overhaul may be an ideal way to support and reflect this new and exciting period in your business.

Your content and brand do not align

A brand supports your content—and your content brings your brand to life. If your content is failing to deliver on this front, the issue may not be with your messaging but with your brand. A makeover can help deliver more clarity and focus to content strategies.

You have simply outgrown it

When a family outgrows a home, it means it is time to renovate or find a bigger property. The same applies to a brand.

Maybe you have significantly expanded the products and services you offer. Or perhaps your customer profile has changed. Whatever the case, your current brand could be failing to tell a captivating story about who you are and what your mission is. A brand you have outgrown will need to be updated to better reflect your image and vision.

The bottom line

Just about every brand needs a facelift of some kind during its lifetime. Doing so can inject new energy into a business, ensure its image stays relevant, and expand its reach so it can better connect with new customers and partners. Want to touch base with us to learn more?

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