How to Stay Connected with Your Customers

According to First American, less homeowners feel “locked-in” to their current interest rates—which means increases in both home sales and housing inventory could be on the way. Keeping your brand in front of your existing customer base is more important than ever—that way when buyers and sellers do enter the market, they are ready to work with you. We share strategies for staying connected with the individuals who mean the most to your business.

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Strategies for Boosting Your Marketing ROI

Before your workload becomes too heavy this summer, why don’t you take a moment to calculate your marketing return on investment (or MROI). MROI is exactly what it sounds like: a formula for measuring the return on investment from the amount you spend on marketing, whether it’s for a specific marketing program or your entire marketing plan. In the latest Volly Insights post, we share strategies to help you boost your MROI.

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