Sales Boomerang Integration With Volly Enables Lightning-fast Lead Response For Increased Mortgage Loan Volume And Customer Retention


Collaboration gives lenders & borrowers seamless interaction across multiple messaging platforms.

Washington, D.C, May 12, 2021 Sales Boomerang, the industry’s top-rated automated borrower intelligence and retention system, today announced its integration with Volly, an industry-leading provider of SaaS-based fintech and creative marketing services to the financial services industry. The combination of Sales Boomerang and Volly positions lenders to take immediate action when a customer or prospect is ready for a loan, enabling higher borrower retention, increased loan volume and lower per-loan costs.

Sales Boomerang monitors customer and prospect databases on behalf of mortgage lenders and their referral partners. By combining market intelligence with a lender’s own credit underwriting preferences, Sales Boomerang identifies exactly when a prospect or past customer is ready for a new loan. Sales Boomerang opportunity alerts may be triggered by both market factors (for instance, interest rate changes and home price appreciation) and consumer behaviors (such as listing a home for sale, shopping with another lender or improving one’s credit score).

Built for the mortgage industry, the Volly Portal includes a full-service CRM contact and campaign management hub that makes it easy for lenders to manage leads and deploy automated marketing journeys for customers and partners. Volly also offers a mortgage point-of-sale (POS) platform, custom website solutions and the Volly Marketing Portal, a storefront loan officers and mortgage brokers can use to self-provision pre-approved marketing workflows, collateral and closing gifts on demand.

By piping Sales Boomerang opportunity alerts into Volly, lenders can use rules-based automation to take immediate action, such as enrolling a consumer in a relevant marketing campaign or scheduling follow-up tasks for the loan originator who owns the contact. Loan originators can even invite referral partners to share their own contacts for monitoring by Sales Boomerang and automated co-marketing powered by Volly.

“Sales Boomerang serves up hyper-relevant loan opportunities that deserve immediate action, and our integration with Volly makes it easy to follow through before competitors even know the consumer is in the market for a loan,” said Sales Boomerang CEO Alex Kutsishin. “In fact, the average lender that uses Sales Boomerang in conjunction with automated marketing sees an 11.6% improvement in borrower retention and 20% to 40% lift in loan volume.

“Volly’s marketing automation solutions help loan originators do their jobs more effectively and efficiently,” said Volly CEO Jerry Halbrook. “By layering on criteria-driven portfolio monitoring from Sales Boomerang, we’re enabling lenders to engage with opportunities even faster in a market when speed to lead is perhaps the single most important factor in customer retention.”

About Sales Boomerang

Sales Boomerang revolutionized the relationship between a Mortgage Lender and Borrower with the introduction of the only automated Borrower Intelligence System in 2017, which tells lenders when anyone in their database is ready for a loan. Today, Sales Boomerang is the #1 Borrower Retention strategy in the industry and has discovered over $30B in new volume for Lenders. Sales Boomerang’s notifications are integrated with the best CRM/Marketing Automation Systems in the industry to provide a seamless experience for Lenders and Borrowers. Sales Boomerang’s employees are dedicated to improving the lending experience for Lenders and Borrowers, and united behind the ethos – No Borrower Left Behind™