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Explore Volly’s Full Suite of solutions

The Volly Platform is a fully integrated, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sale (POS), Marketing Portal, Marketing Automation, and Custom Websites, all integrated with digital and print marketing capabilities and industry-leading creative marketing services. 

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Key Features

  • Supports customers, partners, and prospects
  • Automated campaigns from inquiry through post-closing
  • Contact management with automated workflows
  • Corporate and self-service campaigns
  • Mobile app for easy access to contacts
  • Seamless integration with the Volly Marketing Portal 
  • Automated data transfer between LOS and other systems
  • Database-driven alerts with or without automated marketing


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Key Features

  • Customizable open house flyers, rate sheets, product sheets, brochures, and much more
  • Automated compliance approval workflows to satisfy rigorous regulatory conditions
  • Content, product, and design/template development included
  • Seamless integration to the Volly CRM or Volly for Salesforce Managed Package 
  • Products available as PDF downloads (or as deliverable print orders)
  • Split billing available on co-branded flyers
  • Inventory management functionality for multiple promotional/stationery vendors
  • High-impact results


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Key Features

  • Integration with existing lead-management and CRM systems
  • A/B Testing (or Split Testing) for email, webpage, or app comparisons to analyze ‘best of’ engagement statistics
  • Real-time alerts back to loan officers based on email-recipient interaction
  • Dynamic email and landing-page content (and responsive design) for high-impact, viewable messaging across all channels
  • Branded and custom content landing pages and emails
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC, CAN-SPAM, and reputation management to ensure email deliverability


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Key Features

  • Configurable interview-style application process for purchase, refi and pre-qual workflows 
  • Loan Officer Portal
  • Borrower Portal
  • Automated Fannie Mae® underwriting
  • Native mobile app
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Pricing engine integrations
  • Verification of asset integrations
  • Two-way notifications between LO and borrower


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Key Features

  • Corporate, branch, and loan officer websites
  • Over 70 integrations for real-time lead distribution
  • Responsive mobile-device design
  • Broad array of mortgage calculators
  • Automated application delivery to leading LOS solutions
  • Lead-capture tracking
  • Extensive reporting
  • Self-serve CMS and WYSIWYG page editor


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Key Features

  • Multi-year retention programs transform that one-time borrower into a customer for life
  • Fully personalized messaging keeps you engaged with customers, boosting referrals and driving renewals
  • Strategic campaigns designed to track and capture referral candidates
  • A robust library of content created with a personal touch – everything from birthday postcards and loan anniversary touchpoints to holiday greetings and referral messaging
  • Personalized closing day gifts for the perfect thank you
  • Program options that help efficiently identify your customers that have the propensity to engage in a purchase transaction
  • Ability to provide powerful Realtor referral capabilities to help drive your Purchase business – regardless of the portfolio (banking, mortgage, consumer, etc.)


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Key Features

  • Provides single sign-on capabilities, giving users the solutions they need within the Salesforce environment
  • Increases utilization and adoption of Salesforce
  • Offers an enterprise-wide view of customer activity
  • Serves the individual needs of each business line
  • Backed by a full-service model that includes design, copywriting, creative, strategy and execution support
  • Provides custom open house flyers, rate sheets, product flyers, brochures and more
  • Products are available as PDF downloads or as deliverable print orders
  • Includes enhanced Data Security leveraging Salesforce security protocols


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Key Features

  • Experienced team of writers to lead the way with content development

  • Targeted marketing campaigns for customers, partners and prospects that are specifically focused on new business and retention

  • Collaborative approach to content creation – our team of designers will work alongside your marketing team to ensure the best results

  • A creative team that is deeply versed in brand management – our clients rave about the intricate controls and quality that we steadily uphold

  • Volly is the only marketing services provider in the mortgage industry with an extensive (in-house) digital print, manufacturing, and fulfillment center. From single pieces to thousands – no job is too big or too small


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Key Features

For Wholesale Lenders to sponsor for their Broker population to deepen relationships, cultivate new ones, and drive Wholesale volume.

  • A full feature CRM with an integrated marketing portal for all their marketing needs

  • Upload or create contacts and manage marketing strategies

  • Manage marketing content: Produce branded collateral to enhance outreach & communication with customers

  • Access to company announcements, branded promotional materials, and other critical information

  • Hands-free email campaigns

  • Call to Action functionality to direct prospects to POS to start full application process

  • On-demand emails, announcements, and real-time alerts

  • Customer for Life Retention Programs (coming soon)

  • Multi-year programs help turn the one-time borrower into a customer for life

  • Content created with a personal touch – birthday & holiday greetings, loan anniversary touchpoints, and periodic custom messaging to promote referral business



About Volly

Volly is powering the dream of homeownership through industry-leading technology and dynamic marketing that drives the customer journey. The Volly Portal Platform is a fully integrated, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Collateral, Borrower Journey Campaign Management, Portfolio Retention, Point of Sale (POS) application and transaction management and Custom Websites, all integrated with digital and print marketing capabilities and industry-leading creative marketing services. Volly was named a HousingWire 2020 and 2021 HW Tech100 Mortgage company. For more information, visit www.MyVolly.com or call (866) 435-7050. 

About Volly