What is BAM?

We understand the two primary goals of today’s independent brokerages: fulfill customers’ needs while growing their businesses. And unlike many marketing solutions that fail to deliver on both fronts, the Broker Access Marketing Portal (BAM) will help you achieve this pair of essential objectives.

When you partner with us, we assist you in building an online marketing store of flyer collateral that focuses on building trust and strengthening relationships. We provide market insights and marketing tips to help grow your business. The result is a one-stop shop that gives you an easy and efficient way to stay in front of both your customers and partners.

BAM Service

What We Offer

Our on-demand library of communications will help you expand your network, build your brand, and assist your clients as they navigate the home purchase process. Here is a quick rundown of what the portal offers:

Topics Include:

  • How to Prepare a Buyer Presentation Flyer
  • Documents Needed Checklist
  • Home Financing Help Flyer
  • Home Purchase Process Flyer
  • What to Avoid During the Financing Process Flyer
  • Property Taxes Explained
  • How to Prevent Wire Fraud Flyer
  • Title Commitment Overview Flyer
  • Final Walkthrough
  • Preparing for Closing Day Flyer
  • House-Hunting Tips Flyer
  • Home Selling Process Flyer
  • Dealing With Multiple Offers Flyer
  • Decluttering Tips Flyer
  • Home Staging Tips Flyer
  • Finding the Right Real Estate Professional Flyer
  • Home Inspection Flyer
  • Home Appraisal Flyer
  • The Closing Process Explained Flyer
  • How to Stay in Touch Flyer
  • Pre-qualification vs. Pre-approval Flyer
  • Rent vs. Buy Flyer (Renters)
  • Rent vs. Buy Flyer (Undecided)
  • What to Know About a
  • Home Inspection Flyer
  • Tips for Selling a Home Faster Flyer
  • The Final Walk-Through Flyer
  • How to Identify a Good
  • Investment Property Flyer
  • How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent Flyer
  • House Hunting Tips Flyer (First-Time Buyer)
  • Loan Products Flyer
  • Investment Loans Flyer
  • Buyer Presentation Flyer
  • Seller Presentation Flyer
  • How to Help Your Customer Prepare the Best Offer Flyer
  • What to Know About the Settlement Statement Flyer
  • How to Prepare a Seller Presentation Flyer
  • Open House Products, Marketing Content and more!

Ready to Get Started?

You are just a few clicks away from gaining access to an entire library of impactful, personalized marketing collateral. Ready to give yourself the competitive edge you need in today’s ultra-competitive real estate market? Then click the button below to subscribe to the Broker Access Marketing Portal.