Marketing Essentials for the Modern-Day Loan Officer

Building industry partnerships, generating and converting leads, maintaining a database of prospects—the marketing tasks never end for the modern-day loan officer. Our list of essential tips will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts in 2021!

  • Embrace warm, appreciative, personalized messaging. Periodic requests for mortgage check-ups and referrals are certainly effective, but we have learned that the most impactful messaging focuses on building trust and strengthening relationships.
  • Conduct engagement audits. In other words, identify what type of messaging engages you and then determine if utilizing similar strategies can boost your marketing efforts.
  • Practice flexibility and adaptiveness. Be prepared to modify approaches that are unsuccessful—and be willing to embrace more challenging platforms, such as social media and video.
  • Target the mailbox as well as the inbox. According to the Data & Marketing Association, nearly 90% of direct mail is opened—compared to just 20–30% of emails. Need we say more?

If you lack the time or resources to implement these strategies, reach out to us at Here at Volly, we have one goal: make mortgage marketing easier for you!