Improving Loan Officer Effectiveness in a Purchase Driven Market


July 7, 2021 – In a purchase-driven market, winning every deal is essential to a lender’s bottom line and reducing inefficiencies in all aspects of the customer journey can mean the difference between success and failure for lenders of all sizes.

Join Jerry Halbrook, Volly; Alex Kutsishin, Sales Boomerang; and Robin Clayton, PRMG; along with moderator, Julian Hebron as they break down the customer journey and reveal what a lender should focus on improving in this purchase driven environment. Learn several strategies that can be implemented immediately and start reducing the time loan officers are wasting every day. From tying customer journeys to borrower intelligence to third-party services that can greatly increase speed to lead times to effective tips for getting potential borrowers on the phone, these strategies tied to increasing loan officer effectiveness have been proven to have a direct impact on a lender’s pipeline and bottom line.

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