Busting the Most Commons Myths About Direct Mail Marketing

Let’s be honest: Checking your email inbox does not deliver quite the same thrill as checking your mailbox. Sure, much of what we receive in the mail is not particularly exciting—more monthly bills! more supermarket circulars!—but discovering that special, personal item—a postcard from a friend, a child’s college acceptance letter, a birthday card from a loved one—is what makes the act of opening your mailbox such a satisfying ritual.

So why not deliver this same thrill to your prospects, customers, and partners?

Targeting the mailbox as much as the inbox has proven to be an impactful strategy for today’s marketers. Mass communication has changed dramatically during the Internet age, but direct mail’s potency has proven to be remarkably enduring. For example, did you know that 90% of direct mail is opened? Compare that to the open rates for email, which fall between 20% and 30%.

In the latest Volly Insights blog post, we debunk the five common myths associated with direct mail marketing while demonstrating just how appealing and persuasive this form of communication can be.

1. Direct mail marketing cannot be personalized.

The truth: You can personalize direct mail the same way you do with email—by taking advantage of variable, dynamic data and then creating campaigns that specifically target distinct segments of your customer and prospect bases.

And by personalizing your direct mail campaigns, you strengthen relationships with your contacts and thus increase the likelihood they read your messaging and respond to your calls to action. Here are examples of impactful direct mail pieces: a personalized refinance postcard sent to a borrower with a high interest rate or a letter sent to a veteran that thoroughly details VA loan options.

2. Direct mail marketing does not deliver an emotional punch.

The truth: Thanks to its multitude of formats, levels of personalization, and ability to blend quality imagery and messaging, direct mail allows you to connect on a highly emotional level—whether it’s a holiday-themed message, a happy birthday greeting, or even a celebration of a borrower’s mortgage “anniversary.” A direct mail piece that offers value will demonstrate to your customers how much they are valuable to you.

And as any successful loan officer knows, making customers aware of how much you appreciate them is truly essential. Those who thrive in today’s mortgage industry think about their businesses in terms of relationships rather than transactions. 

3. Direct mail marketing is not worth the cost.

The truth: While direct mail costs are typically more than those of digital campaigns, the return on investment is higher. According to the Online Marketing Institute, direct mail has a lower cost per lead than any other marketing channel.

And because of its ability to be accurately tracked, direct mail can be continuously tweaked and improved. When you modify your data, content, design, and more, you improve your ability to provide a better return on investment for your business.

4. Direct mail cannot be integrated with other marketing channels.

The truth: Because consumers engage daily with numerous types of media it makes sense to connect with them across multiple channels. This line of thinking is inspiring more businesses to fully integrate direct mail into their multi-channel marketing efforts—an approach that will become even more prevalent in the years ahead.  

Digital mail and direct mail both drive results on their own. But when the two are brought together in one robust marketing campaign, businesses fully maximize their interactions with both customers and prospects. 

5. Direct mail marketing just appeals to older consumers.

The truth: Here is something you may not know: Millennials are driving the resurgence of direct mail marketing. Even though this generation grew up in a digital world, Millennials still have connections with direct mail. In a United States Postal Service survey of this generation, 75% of respondents said receiving personal mail makes them feel special.

Additionally, these connections are inspiring Millennials into action. In the Postal Service survey, 62% of Millennial respondents said they had visited a store in the past month based on information received in the mail—a higher percentage than both Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Need a direct mail partner?

Personalized direct mail is perfect for connecting with prospects, upselling to current customers, and securing referrals. Simply put, high-quality direct mail stands out—especially in today’s increasingly digital world.

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