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We get it. You want a no-nonsense marketing solution. One that is easy to use and delivers clear results. And, just as essential, one that is backed by a leading-edge loan officer technology platform.

The Volly Platform: a simple, impactful way to boost your business.


Explore Volly’s Full Suite of Solutions

Since every business has a unique take on marketing, Volly allows you to identify which of its solutions works best for you. Whether you choose one or choose all, Volly will change the way you work and deliver meaningful results for your organization and your customers.

Customer Engagement

Stay in Touch, Educate & Inform

Take care of your biggest asset—your customers!—by giving them a consistent flow of client-specific communications and personalized services.

Lending Solutions

Make New Connections & Nurture Existing Ones

Volly provides technology-driven lending solutions that adapt to fit your business strategies and, most importantly, deliver positive results.

Creative Services

Consider Us Your Personal Marketing Assistant

Our inspired, talented crew of developers, designers, and writers is here to help you deliver impactful marketing campaigns.

Real Estate Services

Taking the Stress Out of Buying, Selling & Closing Deals

Give your customers—whether they are buying a home or selling their current one—more streamlined and less stressful real estate transactions.


A Fully Integrated Platform

Volly is a versatile, cutting-edge technology and marketing partner for banks and mortgage companies. Through the Volly Platform, lenders and borrower alike are provided a smooth and satisfying mortgage journey—from initial conversation to closing day and beyond.

Our goal is a simple one: make mortgage marketing easier for our partners!


What Our Clients Say About Us

Over the last several years my company has had a marketing relationship with Volly, and they have been one of our best marketing partners to date. From the beginning, the team I work with has always taken time to address my concerns immediately and provide real-time help to myself and staff. Since implementing their automated email platform, we have seen our profits rise well over 25%, and direct campaigns we ran in 2020 led us to a record-breaking year. I can’t wait to see what our relationship brings in 2021. Thank you, Volly!

James Pryor

Sales Manager, Thompson Kane & Company

Working with Volly has been such a great experience from the beginning scope of business to the final roll out of their products. Volly made the transition so seamless I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. What they have brought to our sales team is exactly what we

were looking for: more business! The lead management and marketing potential for new and previous clients is everything you could want. They have endless ways to market to your customers, so you can stay in touch with them in many ways. I would also like to mention that the support of their team is phenomenal. Anything The Union Bank needed addressed was taken care of right away, which is something you want when rolling out something like this to your sales staff. I highly recommend looking into what they can do for your business and sales staff.

Eric Danielson

Production Manager, The Union Bank Company

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Today’s housing market is as competitive as ever for loan officers. So, how do you gain an advantage in a crowded market? One impactful way is to find a niche! Simply put, finding the right niche can mean the difference between success and failure. Read on to learn how!

Marketing experts have created dozens of analogies to explain the importance of customer retention, but the one we feel is most accurate is this: Building a successful mortgage business with a poor retention program is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole. You can keep the water running, but the bucket will never be full. With this mind, we compiled a list of the retention strategies that will plug the hole in your bucket and ensure it overflows with repeat customers.

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