Volly simplifies lending technology and marketing automation for banks and mortgage companies, including several of the top 20 mortgage lenders in the nation. Volly provides both world-class lending technology and a team of marketing experts with extensive experience in the mortgage industry.


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An Award-Winning Tech Stack

   Lending Technology Volly's Industry Awards: HousingWire Tech 100, TechMag Top 10, Vanguard Award, Global Excellence Award 


Explore Volly’s Full Suite of Solutions

Happy team members using Volly CRM and shaking hands


Nurture contacts efficiently through automated workflows, drip email campaigns with brand-compliant templates, and personalization

An employee using the Volly Marketing Portal Software

Marketing Portal

A marketing store for both digital and print collateral fulfillment to empower your company with high-impact, customized messaging and gifts

Happy customers smiling and shaking hands with a loan officer who uses Volly Point of Sale technology

Point of Sale

A unique solution that offers a mobile-responsive design, integrated service providers, and a leading-edge mobile application

Picture of a laptop screen showing Volly Digital Customer Engagement technology

Digital Engagement

Powered by Volly’s Marketing Automation, this solution provides robust journeys yielding higher capture rates and satisfaction scores

A group of employees working on creating a website using the Volly Custom Website Development solution.

Website Development

Team of designers, developers, and marketing specialists create fully customized websites for corporate, branches, and loan officers

A group of employees discussing templates created by Volly Marketing Services solution on a laptop screen

Marketing Services

Volly provides a host of creative services, including content development, brand management, and in-house print fulfillment capabilities


An employee using Volly for Salesforce solution on her computer.

Volly for Salesforce

This powerful solution is a Salesforce app exchange package that seamlessly integrates Volly products and services directly into Salesforce

Team members happily shaking hands, a laptop screen showing the concept of the retention cycle

Portfolio Retention

Portfolio Retention gives you the ability to seamlessly generate powerful customer-for-life campaigns that boost repeat business

A group of people discussing in a meeting, a screen showing the concept on Wholesale with the Volly logo


Ability to sponsor powerful marketing capabilities on behalf of your Broker community to deepen and cultivate relationships and increase volume


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Innovation, Simplicity, and Powerful Capability

Volly Products and Services include the full range of capabilities and components necessary to support your Loan Officers and Borrowers throughout the lending lifecycle.

A Fully Integrated Platform

The Volly Platform can be provided as a full end to end platform capability or each component can be provided separately and integrated into other components of the Client’s technology and marketing infrastructure.

All the Volly technology components are provided in a SaaS strategy, leveraging AWS Cloud Services.

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Client Testimonials


“Over the last several years my company has had a marketing relationship with Volly, and they have been one of our best marketing partners to date. From the beginning, the team I work with has always taken time to address my concerns immediately, and provide real time help to myself and staff. Since implementing their automated email platform we have seen our profits rise well over 25%, and direct campaigns we ran in 2020 led us to a record breaking year. I can’t wait to see what our relationship brings in 2021. Thank you Volly!”

-James Pryor, Sales Manager,
Thompson Kane & Company


“Working with Volly has been such a great experience from the beginning scope of business to the final role out of their products. Volly made the transition so seamless I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. What they have brought to our sales team is exactly what we were looking for, more Business! The lead management and marketing potential to new and previous clients is everything you could want. They have endless ways to market to your customers so you can stay in touch with them in many ways. I would also like to mention that the support of their team is phenomenal. Anything The Union Bank needed was addressed was taken care of right away which is something you want when rolling out something like this to your sales staff. I highly recommend looking into what they can do for your business and sales staff.”
–Eric Danielson, Production Manager,
The Union Bank Company


Featured News

Volly Announces Promotional Incentives for its Point of Sale Platform

Woburn, Mass., November 16, 2021—Volly is proud to announce it is offering a promotional incentive for new client implementations on its Point of Sale platform. Volly will reduce the per closed loan transaction fee to $45 and waive the implementation fee for a client who enrolls in the platform before the close of the year […]Read More →

Volly Announces The Acquisition Of Home Captain

Boston, Massachusetts, June 2, 2021—Volly announced today that it has acquired Home Captain, a market-leading technology enabled real estate platform that shepherds homebuyers through the home buying journey. The acquisition of Home Captain will extend Volly’s capabilities […]Read More →


Volly Named The Top 10 Martech Solution Providers in 2021

Woburn, MA, May 18, 2021 — “We immediately received positive feedback and started working with an enterprise-level bank. At this point, brand assimilation became a very important part of our business.” […]Read More →



Whether you are ready to power your full operation with Volly’s complete platform or just want to see how Volly can help your business, our team is ready to assist. Simply provide us with a few details below and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a demo.


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