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White Papers

The Mortgage Journey:  Tackling Management Challenges & Increasing Efficiency with Volly CRM

Efficiency is important. There are no doubts about that. Efficiency reduces costs, increases productivity, and hence, increases business profits. Especially in the current highly competitive environment, achieving maximum efficiency also means gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. However, many problems can hinder efficiency, such as a lack of data consolidation, internal development delays, disparate customer views, low customer retention, non-compliant regional communications, inadequate reporting, interdepartmental obstructions, and limited privacy standards & controls.Read More →

The Mortgage Journey:  Meeting Complex Challenges with Leading-Edge Solutions

For today’s borrowers, lenders are no longer simply the mortgage business—they are also in the “journey” business. Borrowers expect more than just a quality loan product; there is an added demand for a series of touchpoints and for numerous communication channels, both physical and digital, that ensure the borrower is experiencing a consistent, engaging, and wholly satisfying mortgage journey—from the first contact to the final handshake.Read More →



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