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A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Right Point of Sale Solution

How far point of sale has progressed in the near century-and-a-half since Ritty’s invention is simply astonishing. To help you determine the right POS platform for your business, we compiled this helpful list of factors that need to be considered. Check it out!Read More →

A Guide to Customer Retention in The Current Mortgage Industry

Prioritizing customer retention directs the business focus toward maintaining a long-term relationship with a customer and going beyond the transactional value of each sale. In a mature industry where competition is fierce, and the rivals are always ready and eager to steal your market share, customer loyalty and trust are earned and not given […]Read More →

The ‘Play’ Button: The Most Compelling Call to Action on the Internet

With a compelling, informative online video, you can more clearly and more thoroughly explain the mortgage process to a customer. Video marketing is a powerful way to form relationships with your customers. Sharing helpful information about a process as complex as securing a mortgage shows that you care about their financial well-being […]Read More →

Marketing Strategies To Think About

Volly can provide you with a fully branded white label digital experience, all the tools you need to manage your customer engagement needs, deliver a high-quality customer experience (print & digital), and help you close more loans and increase your customer satisfaction.Read More →

Adapting to the New Normal

The challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have undoubtedly caused major disruptions in the mortgage brokerage industry: increasing debt burdens, growing housing shortage, and daunting economic uncertainty […]
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Marketing Essentials for the Modern-Day Loan Officer

Building industry partnerships, generating and converting leads, maintaining a database of prospects—the marketing tasks never end for the modern-day loan officer. Our list of essential tips will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts in 2021!
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Get Better Mortgage Marketing from within Salesforce with the Volly for Salesforce Managed Package

The Volly for Salesforce Managed Package seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce UI and leverages existing Salesforce contact, user, and partner objects to deliver a Salesforce experience with Volly’s rich online marketing store content. […]Read More →


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